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Subject: No Irish Greyhounds to Spain
Dear Minister Simon Coveney and Adrian Neilan,
It has recently come to my attention that approximately 20 Irish greyhounds were sold to an agent for Spanish buyers at the greyhound auction in Thurles, Ireland on October 26th 2013. I understand that these dogs are currently in kennels waiting to be exported to Spain on 19th November 2013 or thereabouts. This concerns me greatly for the following reasons.
In Spain, sighthounds are habitually abused, being kept in appalling conditions and then disposed of in horrific ways, such as being hung from a tree with their toes just touching the ground so they dance to live until they tire and strangle, being thrown alive down a well, being left in the countryside with their legs broken so they cannot walk home, being burnt alive, etc. It is estimated that tens of thousands of sighthounds meet their end in such horrendous ways in Spain every year. This is not the fate an Irish greyhound (or any other dog) should suffer. Rescue groups in Spain already find it impossible to save, rehabilitate and rehome the innumerable sighthounds that need their help. They are certainly not in a position to deal with yet more sighthounds being imported from Ireland and then abandoned when no longer of any use.
The Spanish who currently race their dogs on straight tracks as a hobby are hopeful that new oval tracks will be built in Spain in the near future. The last greyhound track in Spain, Meridiana track in Barcelona, closed in 2006. In 1997, the ISPCA and RSPCA visited this track and the Santa Coloma Kennels. Their report states: Approximately 900 greyhounds were forced to spend 21 hours in terrible kennels with no air conditioning. Greyhounds were infested with parasites and nursing open sores. Greyhounds were administered substances such as amphetamines, caffeine, anabolic steroids and cocaine. Greyhounds were forced to sleep on hard concrete with no bedding. Greyhounds showed a high level of hair loss, urine scalding and skin irritation. Many dogs were lame and carrying injuries. Many dogs had open wounds which were not attended to. The conditions were reportedly no better in 2003. http://www.greyhoundaction.org.uk/IbringAndBuy.htm The welfare standards witnessed at the Meridiana track and Coloma Kennels contrast sharply with the specific welfare standards for racing greyhounds as set out in The Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011 http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/2011/en/act/pub/0029/print.html#sec7
The Irish Government and the Irish Greyhound Board have a responsibility to ensure that Irish greyhounds are not exported to countries with a history of falling far short of those welfare standards.
I m asking you to intervene urgently and decisively to stop this particular transport of greyhounds and finally put an end to the exportation of greyhounds to Spain. I expect the Irish government and racing industry to act responsibly and to put the welfare of Irish greyhounds to the fore.
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